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About Us

Nudo Sushi Box was inspired by our experience at Nudo Noodle House.  The name says it all, Nudo Noodle House, since opening in 2009, specialises in the preparation of noodles and other traditional comfort foods, including sushi.

As a part of the North East's diverse food culture – and as the popularity of Sushi has soared of late – we felt that the next logical step for us was to introduce a unique and easy to order sushi menu onto the high street. In our establishments, you will experience a wide range of delightful sushi products, ranging from our freshly prepared sashimi selections, futomaki and nigri boxes, salads and sides, (or 'Small Eats', as we call them), as well as a variety of soup noodle options. All this and more await our customers and, coupled with our swift and dutiful customer services, lead to a quick, simple and rewarding sushi experience befitting of – and inspired heavily by - the busy lifestyle of the North East.

We understand that when it comes to sushi, it can sometimes be hard to find good quality on the go; our aim is to make sushi a regular, healthy treat as opposed to an occasional luxury. To achieve this, we offer distinctive, unique and beautifully prepared foods at affordable prices.

Ordering food from Nudo couldn't be easier; simply visit one of our growing number of stores to eat in, take away or, alternatively, order an online delivery straight to your door, either via our website at www.nudosushibox.com or with our friends over at JustEat.com!



Is it raw fish? The simple answer is NO

The term for raw fish is sashimi and it's not the same as sushi. Sushi refers to foods that use rice seasoned with sweet rice vinegar. Sushi may have ingredients that include shellfish, cooked fish, meat, vegetables and yes... raw fish. However the main part of sushi is the Japanese rice. There are hundreds of kinds of sushi. 

Health conscious individuals find sushi provides a nutritious meal without consuming excessive amounts of fat, cholesterol, sodium and calories! Compared with sandwiches from national fast food chains, sushi has less than half the calories and less than 20% of fat.