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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my order take to be delivered?

Although we endeavour to get everybody’s order to them in the quickest time possible we do give up to 90 mins for delivery. Please be aware when ordering food for ASAP that it may take up-to this amount of time. If you wish for food to be delivered for a specific time we suggest placing the order well in advance to ensure you’re not disappointed.

I placed my order but the payment page hasn't refreshed — did you get my order?

The fastest way to find out whether we've received your order is to check the inbox of the email address you provided us with while ordering. All orders sent to our kitchen trigger an automatic response email to confirm the order, which contains your payment details, order itinerary, the estimated delivery time window and a four digit Order ID Number. The Order ID Number can be used to track your order should you need our shop floor staff to assist you with any queries – they're only a phone call away!

My order hasn't arrived with me yet — when will I get my order?

Due to the high numbers of orders we get, we cannot always guarantee a precise time of delivery for our customers. Instead, we offer delivery time windows of when our drivers are likely to arrive with your freshly made sushi products. These windows are usually within an hour of each other (for example, our kitchen may say the delivery will get to you between 13:30 and 14:30), however we may even be earlier than the estimated depending on your location and how busy a day it is. If you're concerned for any reason about your order, however, we would urge you to contact one of our stores with your Order ID Number and let one of our friendly staff members help you with any queries you may have.

My order wasn't correct — what can you do to help?

Though rare, mistakes can sometimes happen; items can be left out of orders by mistake, or the wrong item may end up with you due to human error. We are always apologetic if this happens, as we aim to offer one-hundred percent customer satisfaction wherever possible, and if this does happen there are a number of ways we might be able to make things right.

Simply get in touch with us either via a phone call to one of our many stores, or via our customer service team at, and we'll do whatever we can to make sure that you are absolutely satisfied!

My order wasn't correct — what can you do to help?

Firstly, if this is your question we are incredibly flattered! We're always happy to see that our customers are enjoying their experience with us – whether in our restaurants or via our online delivery service. Positive feedback is always a fantastic thing to get, and there are many ways you can make your voice known as one of our supporters; you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or respond to individual branches via Tripadvisor. We're always growing, so expect the list of our presences to grow with us – watch this space!

I had a bad experience with you — how can I register a concern?

We understand that sometimes bad experiences may happen, and we're always very sorry to see that our customers may not have enjoyed their experience with our services as much as we'd hope. In these rare cases, we always ask that our customers let us know their concerns so that we might be able to offer some clarity to the situation, and possibly even some recompense or compensation for their possible disappointment. In these cases we ask that customers please get in touch with our customer service team at, and we will do whatever we can to make sure we remain your number-one choice for fresh, affordable sushi-to-go!

I live outside your delivery radius, but I've heard you offer Store Collections — how do I go about setting up a Store Collection Order?

Though it may sound more complicated, a Store Collection Order is almost as easy as a home delivery! At present, we only offer home deliveries & collections between the NE1 and NE12 postcodes, Our Store Collection system is a great way to make sure our customers can always get a freshly prepared, fully customised order at our low prices. To do this, simply select 'Store Collection' as a delivery option, enter the address of the store you wish to collect from as your desired delivery address (i.e. as if the store was the house you wanted the items delivered to – individual store address details are available on our website) and then pay. An Order Number and Payment ID will be generated and sent to your email once we receive the order, and when the delivery is made to our store, our staff will call the number you provided to let you know it's waiting for collection.

Please check our stores opening times to make sure it is open at the time you wish to collect as some close before our delivery services close.

It's as simple as that, but if you have any lingering questions our friendly floor staff are more than happy to help if they can - they're only a phone call away!

I tried to order an item on your website but it won't be added to my list — what's wrong?

There are many things that can cause errors like this a web page. Most often, we must inform our customers that we do not yet deliver our hot soup noodles or curry pots – these items are prepared on demand in our stores, however with the possibility that deliveries might be late, and the lack of a safe means of transporting these items, (we wouldn't want them to spill, after all), means that we are unable to offer them at present.

If we are out of stock of an item, or we've had some kind of malfunction on our web-page (this can happen!), there's usually a good reason for a button not working that we are happy to assist with if you need it. Simply call in or send us an email – we're dedicated to your satisfaction!

I can't get your website to work on my phone or tablet — what's wrong?

Though few, we have had customers report that our website has functionality errors with phones, tablets and – though very rarely – some browsers. We'd offer the usual advice of deleting your cached data from our site, and cookies, before attempting an order since sometimes our website blocks access to the checkout when it detects recent access: this is actually to stop customers mistakenly ordering twice – sorry for the inconvenience!

If the 'usual steps' don't work, accessing our website through either a desktop, laptop, or full-view web page app is the way to go. We are working on fixing any and all accessibility issues that we find, so if you see a bug, let us stamp it out by reporting it to

Is it true that you can book in an order in-store?

Yes! We have a 'Special Order' system in place where you can go into store and request a specific box – perhaps one that we don't usually stock in our stores – for delivery the following day to the store. This way you can 'pre-order' a favourite for the following day, which we'll make sure to reserve specially for you! Simply ask our lovely Floor Staff in branch for more details!

I see a payment receipt screen on my browser, but I haven't paid yet or received a confirmation email — what does that mean?

Our current website layout offers a summary page at the checkout that displays the total to pay. This is sometimes confused by our customers because it generates a four digit Order ID in advance of a payment. Please note that this page is not order confirmation, as orders can only be paid with via card transaction online. We prefer this method as it is simple, safe, and saves our drivers a lot of time when delivering to our many, many customers.

Do you accept cash-in-hand payments for deliveries?

At present we do not. As stated in the previous answer, we believe that card payments via secure link are a far more efficient and safe way to handle transactions – not to mention a lot faster for our drivers!

Orders can be pre-paid in store during Special Orders or store collections, and we accept both cash and card payments. However, online orders must be paid for by valid credit or debit cards.